2 June 2017



It’s TGIF day and we have some news: It’s Friday! You made it, welcome and thank you if you can spend a few minutes.


We have not let one week go by without a Friday Emailer, since inception. And with the exception of this year’s Memorial Day edition, that went out on May 29, all have gone out on a Friday.

No one gets ‘dropped’, or removed, unless they break the line for their cup of mulligatawny and are refused soup. Just kidding, everyone gets soup here! So the point is that when you don’t receive your Friday Emailer, we are as guilty as Bart Simpson says he is – note, “says”. But in the case here, the ether, ISPs, filters, massive cyber attacks on large companies … all things that should not stand between sender and recipient – do just that.

The solution – every week the FRIDAY EMAILER will be posted at our site for you to ‘pull down’ – use the BIG YELLOW LINK, dead center, on the pages at our tactical-level-gaming dotcom site.

Am I alone in having receive Jethro Tull’s album, “Dot Com” for Christmas years ago? Ian Anderson finishes with a teaser song for the upcoming album, “The Secret Language of Birds”… All worthwhile listens – but there is no ‘secret language’ needed here – we broadcast en clair – Friday Emailer in your In Box and via our site.


Some years back this time of year would see stalwart 82nd Airborne Pathfinder veteran Bob Murphy on his way to Normandy, copies of his CH edition of “No Better Place to Die” waiting for him to conduct his annual book signing in Ste. Mere Eglise. Bob is gone, surely marking a place to land for us all – and the book has been out of print from our presses for some years. Bob never forgot the events of June 6, 1944, his part and the parts of others, his comrades, our allies.

Bob, a gracious man, told me that as he was lying in hospital, a victim of a German mortar round during ‘Market Garden’, he decided he’d go to law school after the war. He would go on to a great career as a Boston lawyer, entrepreneur, recipient of the French Legion of Honor, and president of the 82nd Airborne Veteran’s association. That’s the short list. Bob was a capable and helpful source of research, and feedback, on our first NORMANDY-based modules, covering the battles of his unit and other ‘All Americans’ at places like La Fiere and Chef-du-Pont. I am sure many of you have seen the snapshot I took of Bob, poring over the La Fiere module map – literally pointing to ‘the 57mm here’, ‘field hospital there’, and freely commenting.

Since that first toe in the water in the form of Kellam’s Bridge, the desire to recreate EVERY INCH of the Battle of Normandy, at our chosen scale …. has grown. And grown. Our skills as map-makers have improved. Military art, same trajectory.

And now we arrive at the place where enthusiast publishing always aimed to go: men have taken the series by the horn and pushed it forward, one hex at a time, with voluntary submissions that go beyond … WAY beyond, the scope of the first ‘All American’ modules. After all, the original “Kellam’s Bridge” was one mapsheet. Made in something by Corel Draw® by our artist at the time.

Does anyone remember Corel Draw?

Timme’s Orchard was followed by Shanley’s Hill. Their designer, Mr. D., went ‘inland’ to The Epsom Offensive, with two ‘Scotland the Brave’ modules. Steve P. and his brother went to Pointe du Hoc. So did Adam A. and his fiancé. Phil N. and Alan Y., future son and father-in-law headed to Point du Hoc too, and when Phil’s map came in a tube from overseas (and his London SOHO shop), things took another step forward. Then the Michigan guys went to Omaha … and Pedro researched the WN weapons … and Omaha West was born. Larry made the Omaha East map, and Omaha East was born, linking to West, naturally.

The Commandos hit Port-En-Bessin. The Red Devils hit BOTH the Orne and Caen Canal bridges, aka “Pegasus Bridge”. Larry’s Utah Beach is waiting in the wings. Robert has come along with Gold and Sword, about to land on YOU collectively.

Let’s talk about how that all went. You ponied up to the beach for a “4 Map” Gold Beach module. Reach around and pat yourself on the back, deservedly, for being a product innovator, as you’re getting 18 maps. You decided to go OVER THE SIDE of your landing craft, why wait for the ramps to drop – and nailed Sword, with “6 Maps” listed. You’re getting 11.

Let’s talk about ‘what happened’? What occurred was and is twofold – we have a guy that steps forward to make a difference – taking our OMAHA to the British/Commonwealth landing beaches. Then asks if he has the creative license to ‘add this’ … and ‘add that’. As if our wont, we say YES.


Combine that creative support with a group of guys patiently and enthusiastically supporting the effort. The aim is to REWARD creativity. And also to reward LOYALTY. I am sorry to report, these things are in short supply these days, just read the news. Any news.

So Robert gets his wishes. And you, the men that are for all intents and purposes the kind that once hunkered in LCA’s – heading for dangerous shores, fearless, loyal comrades – get DOUBLE the gear.

As in, nailed yours early, double the gear at no additional cost to you.

Which brings us to the future: JUNO BEACH. It is a monster. It brings in the Canadians. The Royal Winnipeg Rifles and The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada—took heavy casualties. It continues an unprecedented collection that just blows the ‘scaling’ off anything we even considered doing in the humble Kellam’s Bridge days.

Please note, we the publishers remain HUMBLE and awed by the event of June 6, 1944. There is no “forgetting” around here, we chase no ‘new squirrels’ or allow distractions to take our focus off the job at hand. New Canadian soldier art, a 20 MAP monster, coming in Juno.

And now for the super shot – to reward YOU the loyal men, about to get feet wet on the beaches of Gold and Sword – you can nail JUNO BEACH for both systems this weekend with the coupon you’ll find below – and at a reduced price.

Use the June 2017 links at the site for both systems.


If you have been following the Friday Emailers you know that a massive release is being packed up NOW for one and all – late comers that order now too! By this time next week you’ll have email confirming shipment – the usual info from Maureen, for all the NAT Sets, etc.

The ‘quiet’ is about to end for all of 2017 – as there is a storm of cardboard war coming – Gold and Sword come on the heels of the NAT Sets, Hue, so much more – all listed at our tactical-level-gaming dotcom pages.


You almost had one less publisher last night as this writer, a newly minted 55, took on a dozen years younger opponent in a singles league match at Western Conn University. Reached MAX heart rate, I'd say, as the 2 hour slugfest saw my former juniors playing opponent belt one shot after another, while I chased, blocked, sliced, played D, more D .... and by some miracle of stubborn-ness, pulled out a 4-6, 6-2, 6-4 win to keep me undefeated in-league at 4-0. Two taped achilles and 3 Motrin® must have been the secret weapons.

One cannot spell W-I-N without "WN" and that brings us to one of the most fascinating topics in World War II history - German resistance nests. The study of the German defenses of Normandy continues apace with the upcoming June Beach covering:

WN 33b
WN-31 Courseulles West
WN30 Courseulles South
WN-29 Courseulles East
Field Fortifications between Courseulles and Bernieres
WN 28 Bernieres
WN 27 St Aubin
WN 26 Lagrune

Each and every WN could be considered a module in itself, faithfully modeled and duly STORMED by your cardboard warriors.


One of the comments about the larger maps, based on hard boards, has been having to peruse the hex ID’s to marry the entirety together. The best of both worlds, discrete geo boards with board labels, is coming with GOLD and SWORD (and continues in JUNO) as each board has its own label, e.g., “QW” is “Queen White” beach … and there is also an overall, flowing set of hexes with ID’s, as found on the OMAHA map sets.

To the above end, scenarios allow you to break out one or two boards, show them both, easily identified – and you get the continuous hex numbering that makes for identifying places on the overall map easier. And since most scenarios are set on one to two boards, you really get that many individual boards – a large collection – in the module presentation.

Credit Robert the Swordsman.


Well here you are at the bottom of the Friday Emailer! You have DDAY30 waiting for you to deploy and be sure to sign in and accrue DOUBLE CH Points all weekend. New gear at the June 2017 links at the site in all cases.

Note: This is NOT an automated mailer. If you need removal or customer service, just hit [REPLY] and I am at your service personally. In the meantime, thank you for being part of the fun -- with 22 years in the rear view, we're just getting started.


Ray T

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From previous emailer for your convenience:

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