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Twenty Years of publishing YOUR labors of love and counting! Founded in 1994, Critical Hit coined the phrase "Enthusiast Media" to describe the firm's approach to bringing together the publisher and the hobbyist/designer in a unique method of cooperation that strips away everything but a mutual effort to bring labors of love to the fore. This approach has proven successful in the form of many tactical-level wargames in print, and many more currently being prepared for publication.

Critical Hit acquired the German board wargame company MOMENTS IN HISTORY in 1999 and continues to produce and distribute products through its MiH division.

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THE WESTERN FRONT, 1918: After more than three and a half years of bitter struggle, Russia had signed the “treaty” of Brest-Litovsk with Germany on March 3, 1918 - thereby leaving the war. The German Oberste Heeresleitung (OHL) now suddenly saw a chance to end the war with a Siegfrieden. However, speed was necessary. In the West war-weary France and Great Britain were strengthened by fresh troops from the USA. Therefore Ludendorff decided to attack in the West as soon as possible. On March 21, 1918, the Germans attacked the British in Operation Michael, “The Kaiser’s Battle”. It was hoped to crush the British Expeditionary Force and drive them back to the channel. Afterwards, France would have to sue for peace or be beaten, too. Of course, the Entente had its own plans as well.

All Quiet On The Western Front? offers a fresh look at one of the most important and mobile campaigns of World War I. You are either in the position of Ludendorff, hoping to crush the Entente and win quickly before American forces will arrive in strength in the front-lines: or Foch, first trying to stop the inevitable German offensive and later push the enemy back from French and Belgium soil until the German High Command has to accept an armistice The mechanics of All Quiet are relatively simple, letting the players concentrate on the most important features of the campaign. As expected, tanks Stosstruppen, command control, trenchlines, and artillery barrages are all included. Of course, with the whole Western Front presented, you do not have to attack the British in March as the German player. Wouldn’t it be wiser to smash the French in the Verdun front bulge?

The Designer: Ted Raicer, often called “Mr World War I”, is a four times winner of the Charles S. Roberts Award, the industry’s equivalent of Hollywood’s Academy Awards. The new rulebook has a color cover in heavy stock and is updated with errata and clarifications to create a new edition.

Götterdämmerung—Twilight of the Gods is really two games in one: an operational level game of the entire front and a tactical-level simulation of the block-by-block fight that led to the very steps of the Fuhrerbunker.

BERLIN 1945—CITY UNDER SIEGE: Be sure to click on the link below for the map, depicting Berlin in 1945. Units entering city hexes move immediately to action on the tactical urban map—from whence they do not exit until the city falls or Festung Berlin lives on...

The detail of the street-level 'Siege' map is interesting, with clearly-marked landmarks familiar to every student of the Battle of Berlin.


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By July 1944, the initiative on the Eastern Front was firmly in the hands of the Soviets. At the northern sector of the front the Red Army had managed to separate Army Group Center from North, trapping the latter. Heeresgruppe Nord faced annihilation. Welcome to DRIVE TO THE BALTIC!, the Soviet drive to annihilate Armee Gruppe Nord and the German counter-attack known as Operation Doppelkopf.

Drive to the Baltic! is an operational level simulation of the Soviet campaign to cut off German Heeresgruppe Nord from Heeresgruppe Mitte and the subsequent German counterattack, code named Operation Doppelkopf, to reopen a corridor to the beleaguered army group which took place in July and August 1944. The game is intended for two players, one taking each side, but is very well suited for solitaire play.

The TtT game system used in Drive to the Baltic! is unique in its combination of easy to use mechanics and the depiction of fog of war. The system integrates various important aspects of combined arms warfare with a strong emphasis on uncertainty. The combination of Tactical Superiority determination, Random Events and Combat Chits make it possible to present a rather elaborate combat system with little ‘overhead’ in the form of complexity while allowing for the use of the system in solitaire play, including its fog of war features. Players will immediately notice that the combat system captures the flair of warfare on the Eastern Front and produces realistic, and exciting results, while remaining easy to learn and handle.

The new edition of Drive to the Baltic! has a new counter sheet that has been updated to the presentation used in recent D-Day and Götterdämmerung releases and uses a style that is colorful and has been well-received.

The new counters use an easier-to-read font and follow the presentation of recent MiH releases. The map is the same, color play aid replaces the old one. Previous owners may also purchase just the new counters sheet and play aid to save money.

The AREA MOVEMENT SYSTEM is not dead. Far from it ... in fact a new edition of Rudder's Line is ready for immediate shipment. The new edition uses a 12" × 18" one-piece color board on gloss board stock + a NEW color play aid + the latest edition of the rules + the original set of color die-cut counters. We've put a limited print run into IMMEDIATE SHIPPING INVENTORY and based on YOUR RESPONSE ... stand ready to expand the presentation to more battlefields ... and SUPER SIZE THE COUNTERS in the next system game. The ball is in your hedgerow ... er, court, and we stand ready to follow YOUR marching orders!

The components of Rudder's Line are shown above. New board, new color play aid, first edition counters.


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